Being a part of NH Foods, we are recruiting qualified people in various positions. Today, we are recruiting qualified people in various positions.  If you are a competent and interested to be a part of the major factor for organization to meet ambition, we appreciate to review your qualifications for employment with NH Foods and growing together with us.

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Job Position

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Maintenance Department
Job Description
1. Performs maintenance management by supervising maintenance personnel.
2. Establishing priorities in maintenance schedules.
3. Maintains manufacturing assets and facility, parts inventory, monitoring purchase order.
4. Manage department budget.
5. Provides training and continuous development on all maintenance team.
6. Manage, maintain, establishing procedures for production line in a food manufacturing environment
to ensure production meets or performs better than budget.

1. Age 35-45 years
2. Bachelor degree or Master degree Mechanic or Electric Engineer.
3. More than 5 years experience in Maintenance in Manufacturing.
4. Have to knowledge to GMP, HACCP and BRC standard.
5. Have to computer skill.
6. Other Skill, PLC, Drawing, spare part
Material Department
Job Description
1. Control material mixing follow standard.
2. Prepare Ingredient material follow formula from RD Dept.
3. Check and control material stock.
4. Control subordinator for working follow standard.
5. Control and improve document in Dept.
6. Control and manage about equipment for working.
7. Responsible about ISO9001, BRC, GMP, HACCP or other system audit.
8. take care customer or visitor when visit in production line.

1.Male & Female, Thai nationality 25 - 35 years old
2. Bachelor degree in Food Science/Technology or any related fields.
3. 3-5 years Experience in Material and production line in Food Factory
4. Understand to Food safety standard
5. Understand to GMP/HACCPS, BRC System
6. Have to coordinate skill
7. Can working 6 Days per week (Monday - Saturday)
Engineer Department
Job description
1. Responsible to take care and improve machine in Production line.
2. Develop and Improvement machine for suitable to each product.
3. Calculate and estimate capacity in Production process each station.
4. Test and prepare Production line for new product. (RD Support)
5. Improvement current machine for performance and quality in production process.
6. Lay out design in production line.
7. Check and cause analyze including how to fix and prevent recurrence when have a problem.
8. Devise and make new tooling and new machine for use in production line
9. Improvement to employee’s work method for maximum efficiency. (Up productivity)
10. Supply to new machine and check qualification.
11. Plan to improvement and installation new machine.
12. Training to worker about how to use machinery for reduce the break down.
13. Check and planning together with maintenance to machine repair for prevent break down.
14. Coordinate with relevant departments for repair machine.
15. Coordinate with Quality Dept. for check and improvement Hygien after repair machine.

1. Over 25 Years old.
2. Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer or any related fields.
3. Have to over 1 year experience in Engineering job in Food production manufacturing.
4. Have to analyze problem skill and systematic production planning.
5. Have to design equipment and machine skill.
6. Can use Auto CAD 2D
7. Able to work under pressure conditions
8. Able to solve immediate problems
9. If Knowledge of material properties will be an advantage
Production Department
Job Description
1. Control and improvement over all to Production line for productivity.
2. Control and improvement machine in production line for productivity.
3. Responsible to Automation & AI Robot machine in production.
4. Responsible to improvement and KAIZEN project in production line.
5. Join to system audit team.
6. Problem solving in production line.

1. More than 40 years
2. Bachelor Degree or higher in Food Science, Food Technology or any related field.
3. 5-10 years experience in management level production line.
4. More than 5 years experience in food manufacturing.
5. Have to knowledge in Food Safety standars.
6. Have to knowledge in BRC, FSSC and GMP standard.
Production Department
Job description
1. Control Manpower for production capacity.
2. Control capacity in production line.
3. Improve production process and production method for productivity
4. Problem solving in Production line.
5. Join to system Audit team.
6. Training about production method to worker.
7. Coordinate with related Dept. for productivity.

1. Male & Female, Thai nationality 25 - 35 years old.
2. Bachelor degree in Food Science/Tech/Engineering or any related fields.
3. 3-5 years experience in control many workers in production line.
4. Have to experience in food manufacturing.
5. Understand in Food safety standard.
6. Understand in GMP, HACCP and BRC Standard.
7. Can working 6 Days per week.
Purchase Department
Job Description
1. Coordinate with the production planning department
2. Procurement of raw materials of fresh chicken, frozen chicken according to the specification (spec) of the product
3. Control the preparation process for raw materials Chicken to the production department
4. Prepare purchasing reports Chicken and chicken meat raw material inventory

1. Bachelor of Science in Food Science or Science.
2. Relevant experiences: Purchasing and packaging.
3. Relevant experiences: Procurement of food, raw food, chicken or food.
4. Trained in food safety.
5. Have the ability to contact, coordinate.
6. Knowledge of GMP / HACCP quality work.
QC Department
Job Description
1.Control production to follow quality standard.
2. Development and improvement production process, cleaning procedure and quality of employee for development food safety and quality system.
3. Control manpower in Dept. and control working of subordinator.
4. Join to GMP, HACCP, BRC and internal audit team
5. Coordinate with relate department for quality system.

1. More than 25 years.
2. Bachelor degree in Food science, Food Technology or any relate fields.
3. Have to knowledge in quality system in food manufacturing.
4. More than 2 years experience in food manufacturing.
5. Can communicate in English language.
6. Have to Committed, intend, diligent and patient.
7. Can working in night shift.
8. Able to outside to work (out of town)
9. Have to experience about supplier audit.