Being a part of NH Foods, we are recruiting qualified people in various positions. Today, we are recruiting qualified people in various positions.  If you are a competent and interested to be a part of the major factor for organization to meet ambition, we appreciate to review your qualifications for employment with NH Foods and growing together with us.

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Job Position

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QMS Senior Officer (Japanese Speaker)
Job Description
1. Translate food ingredient specification to Japanese Version
2. Investigate, reply and follow up customer complain
3. Quality Assurance following food safety like HACCP, GMP, BRC, FSSC, ISO9001
4. Other related tasks as assigned

1. 25 - 30 years old
2. Bachelor degree in Food Science/Technology/Engineering or any
3. Have to Basic of Japanese language skill JPLT N3 level
4. Have to over 1 year experience in QMS officer
5. Have to experience in processed food factory
6. Have to know in ISO9001, GMP, HACCP, BRC, FSSC and other Standards.
7. Can use Japanese language for Translate, Report, Meeting and Conversation.
8. can work in Ayutthaya (Rojana) area.
Refrigeration Section manager
Job Description
1. Control and manage Manpower of refrigeration system.
2. Planning for improvement refrigeration system.
3. Improve current PM plan.
4. Control work for overhaul refrigeration equipment.
5. Maintenance refrigeration system

1. Age 27 - 40 years
2. Bachelor degree in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanic or any related field.
3. Have to over 5 years’ experience in Refrigeration system and maintenance food factory.
4. Have to knowledge in Refrigeration system (Freon, Ammonia)
5. Have to experience in food factory.
6. Knowledgeable in Food standard system (GMP, HACCP, FSSC/22000) and related system.
7. Have to skill for PM Refrigeration system
8. Good computer (Microsoft Office) skill
9. Can prepare and present reports in English language to Management
10. Can Design and solving problem in Refrigeration system.
Safety & Environment Department Manager
Job description
1. Implement and maintain the SHE Management System for manufacturing and ensure effectiveness of the system.
2. Assist the chairman of safety committee to prepare relevant strategies and plans to set-up and establish SHE programs with respect to SHE.
3. Develop SHE plans, procedures, work instruction and training programs.
4. Manage SHE team members and separate area of responsibility effectively.
5. Coordinate and carry out each manufacture specific functions defined by the project SHE systems including provision of training, monitoring of work, and review of work processes. Participate in and, where so directed in the project SHE management plan, lead relevant risk management activities.
6. Set up project safety committee and manage the project safety committee meeting regularly.
7. Conduct emergency evacuation drills for manufacturing as considered necessary.
8. Conduct the operational performance report of project to top Management and the government.
9. Advise the management team on improvements to manufacturing facilities to prevent safety problems/ unsafe conditions in a workplace.
10. Responsible for investigation of incident or near miss reports and keep register of incidents including coordinate any notification of major in idents and injuries.
11. ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 management system.
12. Fertilizer production
13. Take care and control the Fire alarm system
14. Other request of top management

1. 30 -40 years old
2. Bachelor Degree in Safety and Environment
3. Have to more than 7 year in Safety function (Management level)
4. Have to experience in process food manufacturing
5. Knowledgeable in IS0 45001 and ISO 14001
6. Strong in Safety and Environment law.
7. Strong in English language for communication and working.
8. Knowledgeable in food safety standard such as GMP, HACCP, BRC and FSSC
9. Working at Ayutthaya (Rojana) Factory.
Sale Section Manager
Job Description
1. Work as sales section manager. (Front sales)
2. Visit customer, presentation to customer, deal with R&D to create new product, deal with logistic team to delivery to customer, receive claim and report to company and follow up till report to customer.
3. Control order and delivery and sales amount.

1. 27-33 years old.
2. Bachelor Degree in Food Science/Technology/Engineering or any related field.
3. Experience of processed food sales more than 3 years (or 5years) is needed to work TNF.
4. Must be able to drive by them self and have to Drivers license.
5. Basic usage of micro soft APP.
6. Working in Bangkok area and outer Bangkok.
7. Good to English language for communication and working (To report by mail internally)
Senior QC Department Manager
Job description
1. To plan, control and manage to QC, QA, QMS overall.
2. Drive to Food safety standard such as ISO 9001, GMP, HAPPC, BRC and FSSC
3. Main to support about customer audit.
4. Manage to all QC and QA member.
5. Management QC and QA in Production line (Receive material to Finish good part.)

1. Male or Female, Thai nationality over 40 years old
2. Bachelor degree in Food Science/Food Technology /Food Engineer or any related field.
3. Strong in Food system (BRC, FSSC2200, GMP, HACCP, DLD, ISO9001)
4. More than 5 years’ experience in QC, QA function
5. Have to experience in processed food factory.
6. Can work to 6 days per week
7. Good English for communication and working.
8. If have to Japanese language skill will be an advantage.